Candace Bornstein

Professional Profile -It’s All Relative-

By: Lisa Johnson

When I met Candace Bornstein for our interview, I couldn’t help but admire her self presentation.  Her makeup was impeccable, her long hair was pulled back just so, and her suite was all crisp and pretty.  I remember that regardless of whether she’s just getting started in this business or if she’s a top producer, she sure looks successful.  What I discovered after that was amazing story of a little engine…

A graduate of Indiana University and an agent of fourteen years, Candace has quite a sales record. She has sold everything from 36,000 to 1.5 million dollar homes, “whether it’s a first time homebuyer, or someone moving from home to home where they’ve raised their families in, it’s a huge thing.”  She spoke with compassion, “I talk to my listing customers everyday, and I work with my buyers on literally every step of the transaction.  I’m about communication, because if I were about to move my world, that’s what I would want.”

Candace has a soft and sensible demeanor, but I got the feeling that when she gets moving on something, there is no one stopping her.  I asked how she was able to list million dollar homes with competition being the way it is out there.  “I’ve sold a lot of big houses.  I even sold this really hard one that had been on the market for a long time.  It took me two months, and nobody slept until I found a buyer, but I got it done,” she laughed at me and said she was serious.  “The property owner tells me they picked me because of my enthusiasm and my eagerness to get out there and find that buyer.  I place spectacular ads.  I get out there and I network.  I talk to all my contacts and I tell the people at Starbucks or at my drycleaners about my listings.”  She was really on a roll.  I was typing fast to try and keep up with all the places and people she talks to about her inventory.  “I’ve gone up against some pretty big names in the real estate arena when it came to some of the properties I’ve listed, but my sellers’ recognize my total commitment to seeing it through.”

Referrals started to come to Candace from the networks she developed while working in various areas.  People got involved in her work and watched her, as she would go from one place to another, talking about her listings and asking for the business.  “I make it a game to get people to ask me what I do.” As she winked at me and said “simply by asking them what they do.”  She told me she likes to learn what people do for a living, “you never know when you might have an opportunity to help those people by connecting them with someone who needs them.  My business is primarily referral based: friends, family, past clients, and my ads create even more.  But my mantra is you’ve got to network by going places, talking to people, and giving your business cards out everywhere.”

Candace keeps her network close at hand too.  Her Dad, William (Bill) Bornstein, is a closing attorney and he’s there to answer questions.  “I haven’t had to experience this, thank goodness, but my Dad has saved deals at the closing table.  He’s definitely someone you want in your corner, and my understanding of what he does has brought me closer to him in our relationship,” she said sweetly.

Basically, Candace maximizes the six degrees of separation in order to move her properties, “I have a network of social places and a really great memory.  I can usually find someone who knows someone I know within a matter of minutes.  I stay visible and I work the room.  I’m out there in the community and I’ll use my Bornstein name when it’s appropriate.  It represents credibility in the market.  I uphold that name too.”

The interesting thing about Candace is that she’s not a pushy sales person.  People feed off her energy and determination.  She agreed with me that she’s highly focused, “My Mom would tell you I could not even concentrate on my wedding until I sold one of the houses I had listed.  My houses are like my own personal projects.  I accept the challenge and I get the job done.  I’m a truth teller and I give the feedback, good or bad.  I have letters from past buyers who say I was by far the best agent they’ve ever worked with.  That means a lot to me because I am very grateful for the business and feedback I get.”

Candace is excited to be a part of Gilezan Realty. If you are looking for an agent that loves what she does and is passionate about doing a spectacular job, contact Candace Bornstein.